One For The Road is a DIY music collective based mainly (but not exclusively) in York, UK. It’s made up of people who are passionate about real music made by real people.

Between us our personal tastes cover rock, punk, metal, folk, ska, indie, emo and generally anything guitar based, so if you’re reading a review of something you can be assured that we’ve passed the responsibility to the right person. We get it. A Reel Big Fish fan’s thoughts on the new Megadeth album isn’t going to be constructive.

We must also stress that any opinions in any of our articles belong to the writer themselves and are not representative of One For The Road as a whole. Our editorial team are not going to cut something just because we personally disagree.

Meet our team:

Craig Slaney

Chris Mather

Hayley Slaney

Jonny Gill

Dan Gott


Toby King

Tarryn Watkins

Elliot Partridge