One of the key ideals that One For The Road is built on is the need for everyone to support eachother when we’re all doing cool stuff. From underground bands, venues, promoters,  DIY labels, artists, we’re all in it together.

A lot of our friends are doing some really cool stuff, here’s some of them:

Behind The White Door is Dan & Naomi Gott. They play in an ace band called Snakerattlers and used to play in two other ace bands called The Franceens and Sky Rocket Jack. They host DIY punk rock n roll shows at The Fulford Arms in York. Their shows are always free entry, always packed with great bands and always an awesome night. Dan also does our local gig guide, so make sure you check that out!

The aptly named Helping Hand Records is a York based project by our good friend Jonny Gill. HHR put on shows in York and are also a small record label who put out tapes.